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Peace and Tranquility - 30 minutes drive inland from La Costa de La Luz

If i have learnt anything over the last few months it has been how to slow down and appreciate the smaller, simpler things in life. A gentle walk outdoors, listening to the rustle of the trees and the bird song. Watching the countryside explode into colour with all the spring flowers and taking the time to marvel at the dramatic changes of orange, red and violet across the sky at sunset.

I think our idea of a holiday is going to change as a result of our recent confinement. I think we´ll be looking inward a bit more and wanting our heart and soul to be nourished as part of our holiday experience. The importance of WHAT we visit will be replaced by HOW DID WE FEEL when we were there. I think we have surprised ourselves by how good it has felt to take our foot off the gas in our everyday life. Everything we have held up as important has been thrown up into the air and what has fluttered back down is an awareness that as long as we are safe and well then we can relax and be happy.

Medina Sidonia is the perfect destination to relax and feel the weight lift from your shoulders..

The pace of life is slower, the locals welcome you with a smile and some light conversation. The food is simple and fresh and even in the height of summer no one is trying to move you on because they need your table. I know a lot of guests who have stayed at my hotel ( in July and August, drive out of the town in the morning to spend the day on one of the many amazing beaches we have within a 30 minute drive but in the evening they want to come back to the tranquility of the village. They want to sit on the pretty village square amongst the locals and enjoy the relaxed summer atmosphere where the conversation and laughter goes on until the early hours of the morning.

The good life, the simple life, the ´take time to smell the roses´ life!

What are you waiting for?

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