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First founded by the Phoenicians and the Romans and then later nurtured by the Moors and the Christians, Medina Sidonia is steeped in history and culture. Characterized by its medieval walls and archways and its traditional Reja fronted houses and cool internal patios, Medina has retained a real feeling of time standing still and charming authenticity.

At nearly 350 metres above sea level Medina Sidonia is renowned for its unrivalled views towards the Atlantic.  Where birds of prey often sweep below you on the warm thermals whilst you look out over the stunning Andalucían countryside.

Just a 5 minute stroll from the comfort of Casa La Muralla, will take you down narrow cobbled residential streets to enjoy a coffee or a cold beer and a spot of people watching on the main village square.

Oblivious to the hectic pace of modern life, it seems that time has stood still in Medina Sidonia.  Where sharing conversation and laughter with family and friends over tapas and a cold fino sherry takes priority over work and provides a tonic for the soul.

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