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Casa La Muralla in the 2020 Promo Video of Medina Sidonia for FITUR

A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of assisting the local townhall and the tourism office in the filming of the new promotion video for FITUR 2020. Fitur is a world travel fair that is hosted in Madrid every January that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. The emphasis of this years video was to promote Medina Sidonia as a couples destination. The majority of our market during the winter months is with people looking for a weekend retreat and for that, Medina Sidonia, is the perfect place. The pace of life is wonderfully slow here and what's not to love about lazy lunches enjoying the local gastronomy, people watching in the sunshine on the main square and a wander around the castle ruins at sunset. We used Casa La Muralla in a couple of the scenes, in the first we actually mix two accommodations. The couple exit from their bedroom (a different property) onto the terrace of La Muralla to look at the view and then finish their day with a bottle of cava for the sunset drinks on the upper terrace. The video finishes with our very lovely couple, Paz and Carlos, enjoying dinner on the terrace of my restaurant La Vista de Medina. How proud was I?? The answer is, very! Proud of my town, of the amazing things it has to offer and also of all of the great people i got to work with. It was a fantastic day, everyone pulling together as usual to get the job done and we were delighted with the finished result, i hope you like it too!

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